Over 80,000 children, born in London to diaspora parents are unable to access their automatic right to citizenship, despite having a legal right to do so after ten years of living in the UK. This means that many children are unable to live full lives, as conversations about their status are often misunderstood or not spoken about.

Over 80,000 children, born in London to diaspora parents are not able to live full lives because they are not yet registered as UK Citizens. This is despite the fact that they have an automatic right to citizenship after living in the UK for 10 years. Following Brexit, EU residents have become unsettled about their future in Britain with thousands of EU residents applying for Citizenship. Those without Citizenship understand it’s importance –  it is clear there is a disconnect with other member of the British population.

Stand Up Stand Out have identified four barriers to registration – costs (£936 for children), lack of awareness/confusion by parents and teachers, forms are difficult to read/understand and lack of legal advice. Citizenship is not what every Londoner may chose to do, but for those that want to and have a legal right to do so, barriers must be broken down so that all children can access their legal rights.