We are angry that the media addresses our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters and friends as cockroaches and swarms. We believe the media and its narrative of hate towards our families must take some responsibility for the rise in hate crime and violence to our communities.

Through a broad listening campaign across the Citizens UK membership Stand Up Stand Out identified a major issue amongst migrant and refugee communities is the bias and inaccuracy in reporting standards around migration and sanctuary. Stand Up Stand Out have been researching the portrayal of migrants in the press over the past year and have found references made to the word ‘migrant’ were consistently negative by a number of newspapers.

Public use of hate-rhetoric in recent months has spread misinformation and fear about asylum seekers and about immigrant and refugee communities within the UK. More than 3,000 allegations of hate crimes were made to UK police in the week before and the week after the vote, a year-on-year increase of 42%. Following the death of Arek Jozwik on the 29th of August we believe it is time to act.

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