The two day training will provide you with the confidence, tools and knowledge to bring about social change in your institution, community or movement . We train up thousands of leaders to be able to change the world for the common good. If you want to bring about justice for migrant youth to have a powerful voice in society, sign up.

The two day community organiser training is designed to help you bring about the world as it should be, by learning how to act in the world as it is. Trained by professional Citizens UK community organisers, you will learn how to negotiate with power, build powerful relationships through relational conversations, understand self interest and develop successful, winnable campaigns. You will be given real examples of how community organisers and community leaders brought about significant wins both locally and nationally, and taught how to do it for yourselves.

The two day training will cover the main tools of community organising from the Highlander Curriculum developed during the civil rights movement and over 70 years of practice in the US and 20 years in the UK. The training is an intense two day course and you must be a committed to attending both days. For the world to take us seriously we must first treat ourselves seriously, so please arrive on time as sessions will not be delayed. We ask for you to bring a pen, a notebook and an open mind. Our trainings include lunch and venues are fully accessible.

All Stand Up Stand Out training has an immigration and youth focus. If this is not your area of interest please go to the Citizens UK website for alternative training. If you are looking for a shorter, more in-depth or specialised training, please go to our training page for alternative trainings.

Event Date

19 Dec 2016